About Me

I'm Rosebud Casson, but hey, just call me Rosie. 
After leaving University, this company was created as a way to be creative after jumping head first into a full time job that I didn't enjoy. From there I have built up my little company and am now stocked in shops worldwide, and of course in my own little store right here. 
While you're here, you might notice a little theme going on in my work... okay, okay - it's totally obvious. I LOVE nature! I greedily take inspiration from the natural world that surrounds me every day. Living in a little seaside town from the North East of England (if you are from Hartlepool, holla!) which has the beautiful ocean on one side and is surrounded by brilliant countryside on the other, I am quite lucky in where I live. 
My mission is to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and in turn, create lovely accessories that are useful and perfect to brighten up your outfit. Each design starts off as a sketch or painting in my bright, plant filled studio and then is developed into a product for you guys. Depending on the end product, they are either made in house or with the help of one of my trusted manufacturers. 
If you've gotten this far - thank you! I hope that my work resonates with you in some way and if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.